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One Water

Taste Manchester only stock One Water, an ethical bottled water that donates all of its profits to fund PlayPump® water systems in Africa. It costs no more than other water brands, but buying One Water generates money to build PlayPump® water systems which supply free and clean water to people who previously had to walk up to 10km to their nearest, often contaminated, water supply.


Taste Manchester only serves Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, orange and apple juice. This makes a huge difference to the lives of the producers of these products, their families and communities as it ensures they get a fair price for their produce.

Free Range

Taste Manchester only use free range eggs and British farm assured chicken in their cooking.


We are committed to sourcing sustainable seafood to help reduce the negative impacts of fish stocks, protect our marine environment and give our customers better seafood choices. In addition, all our chefs have committed to only buying and using MSC certified fish.

Environmental Impact

To minimise the impact of our operation on the environment Taste Manchester operate a sustainable procurement policy which means we purchase locally produced items where possible. Taste Manchester also recycles all the waste oil, cardboard, cans, paper, glass, batteries and plastics used on a daily basis.

Food Waste

Taste Manchester are committed to keeping food waste to a minimum and as a result we work closely with our customers to try and make sure they are ordering the right amount of food for the numbers attending their meeting or event. It is inevitable that some food will be left over every now and again and as a result University Catering are working alongside a number of local charities who may be able to take left over food that has been stored correctly. Click here to see list of contacts.


We buy locally and seasonally to support UK producers and reduce environmental impacts associated with importing produce from abroad, and continue to be a member of Manchester Veg People, a co-operative of local organic growers and buyers who worked together to help develop a new model for the local food supply chain.

We only purchase high welfare meat and dairy to help combat animal cruelty, protect the environment and promote healthier options to customers.

We also ensure that producers have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness by sourcing fairly traded food, drink and other products for our operations.

Health and Wellbeing

We ensure that our menus are well balanced, controlling portion sizes and using healthier cooking methods, as well as safely managing food.


We work closely with the community, being proactive and promoting a positive and vibrant environment where people benefit from our goodwill, time and expertise.

We treat our employees fairly, pay our suppliers on time and make sure our customers experience the highest levels of service.

In addition, any claims that we make are legal, decent, fair, honest, truthful and sensitive to the views of different groups in society.

One Water
Free range eggs

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